Nik Sitz is quickly becoming one of the hottest exports to come out of Melbourne. Dominating the Levels home base week in week out, Nik Sitz has proved he is a valuable asset to the roster. His sets are memorable, full of energy and produce nothing but good vibes.

Nik\'s upbringing was centralized around music. At an early age he was immersed with production and soon developed a niche fan base for his unique Minimal style. Snagging up nearly half a million plays alone on his \"Eyes On Fire\" bootleg and releasing content on Psymal Records, Nik isn\'t slowing down anytime soon. He\'s already been flown to Adelaide to show what he\'s made of, and there will be many more airport visits for this lad.

At a tender age of 19, Nik Sitz is destined to be a household name in years to come.



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