Cooper Gibbs.. Remember the name. He\'s one of the biggest up and comers to come out of Melbourne. At the ripe age of 19, Cooper has already made a mark on the Melbourne scene playing prime sets at venues like Platform One, Tramp Bar & La Di Da. From a production point of view, he\'s dosed up support from the godfather\'s of Melbourne Orkestrated, Joel Fletcher, Uberjakd & Droplex… and there\'s no surprise they, as well as multiple others are getting around this bright up and comer. Cooper\'s tunes are bangin\', and there\'s plenty more where that came from. Producing since the young age of 14, Cooper has built up a solid following of listeners around the world. His remixes of “Ride on Time” and “Hit Em\' Up” have particularly snatched up the attention of many. Put it this way - If you\'re out in Melbourne anytime soon You\'re bound to hear a Cooper Gibbs track. With a barrage full of releases set for rest of the year, not to mention a whole ton in the works, it\'s gonna keep this raw talent in lockdown while we all await the mayhem emerging from the studio. The future is now.. Cooper Gibbs is here to stay

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